Columbian Mammoth

Concept Image for The 50th Anniversary of the

Seattle World's Fair


14 feet tall. Mirror polished stainless steel. 2011


The concept is a life size Columbian Mammoth sculpture in reflective stainless steel. He is the physical manifestation of the past, these magnificent creatures once roamed here and are designated the Washington State fossil.  In his mirrored surface we see ourselves in the present, merged with the Seattle Space Needle in the background. In this visual and conceptual meeting of time and place we can envision the future and reflect on the possibilities.

Visitors clamor to see themselves reflected in his metallic skin and take photos.  It becomes “the photo op spot” for people to record their visit to the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World’s Fair.  The mirror-skinned Mammoth is destined to become a touchstone for the media and visitors, offering an ever changing palette of reflected skies, clouds, cityscape and faces.