Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family

Concept Image


20' tall. Stainless steel. 2010


These images represent a 20 foot tall group of three abstract figures.  Each individual figure is composed of hundreds of stainless steel strips welded together using a bird’s nest weaving technique.  

Being welded together at thousands of intersections makes the structure incredibly strong.The sculpture will reflect the blue sky and clouds, become dappled with beads of rain and cast a myriad of intricate shadows during the day.  It will be a living presence within the ever-changing outdoor environment.

The sculpture also incorporates LED optics subtly imbedded along the inside of the stainless strips. These tiny points of light will slowly cycle in intensity and hue, affording a dynamic day and night interactive show of color. Solar cells carefully placed along the top of the sculpture will provide enough power for the low voltage LED light arrays.