Cor-ten steel Parallax Head

Parallax Head

Downtown Business Improvement District and the City of Albany

Albany, NY

Cor-ten steel



More Parallax sculpture:

The goal of the parallax sculptures is to depict the subject matter and then change the paradigm causing a shift within the mind of the viewer, which in turn evokes a complex re-examination of ones understanding of the visual world.

Looking at one of the parallax sculptures from the side, the viewer can see multiple layers of two-dimensional steel plates that come together in the mind, producing a recognizable three-dimensional image. As the viewer changes position to the front, there lies a conundrum: we sees only the vertical edges of the plates standing parallel to one another. We no longer see the form we previously recognized. This dichotomy extends the boundaries of the artwork by having it take shape in the viewer’s thoughts by challenging what they see.

Seen here installed in downtown Albany NY, as part of the Sculpture in the Streets exhibition in 2007.