Pointing the Way

Pointing the Way

Shortlist Concept Rendering

McBean Transit Center

Santa Clarita, CA

Stainless Steel



Pointing the Way” is a single sculptural statement made up of two elements that integrate both of the McBean Transit Center placements areas (A & B) into one unified gateway design. The sculpture is comprised of both a dual-image pointing figure and a star-topped obelisk.

The concept is simple and elegant - a figure points the way – a universally understood gesture. He points to a guiding star.

The pointing figure contains two perpendicular profiles, one pointing the way, the other standing arms akimbo. The visual interaction of these dual-image profiles creates a myriad of changing views, making the sculpture visually dynamic. One profile appears to ask directions, the other, responds by pointing the way.

The array of five-sided pentagons cut into the body of the pointing silhouette suggest stars and constellations used by early mariners for navigation.

The figure points directly towards the second element of the sculpture, a vertical obelisk. 

Atop the obelisk sits a stainless steel dodecahedron, a star-like geometric spheroid made from 12 pentagons. These pentagons echo the shapes cut into the body of the pointing figure, stylistically connecting the obelisk and the pointing figure. The Dodecahedron is made star-like by 11 stainless steel rods that are emitted like beams of light from its center.