Stainless Steel Orb Concept

Temple Cross, Bristol, England


15' in diameter. Stainless steel object assemblage. 2011


The sculpture is a giant sphere made up of utilitarian stainless steel objects welded together into a great round assemblage.

This monumental orb sits at the center of the key space of the Temple Cross site.  It is surrounded by a shallow pool where water, pumped up through the center of the sculpture to the top, trickles down from the many angles and facets of the myriad stainless objects.  It emits the soothing sound of dancing water. From afar, the sculpture looks like a gleaming celestial orb.  On closer examination visitors see that the sculpture is made up of an organized cacophony of stainless steel bowls, pitchers, tea pots, creamers, bottles, fixtures, letters, numbers, pots and pans, urns and beer kegs (as used by the adjacent Micro-brewery). It appears as if some cosmic magnet has pulled these familiar objects together in great numbers to form this singularly perfect orb.