St George & the Dragon Parallax Sculpture

St. George and the Dragon Parallax Cross

Shortlist Submission

St. George's Cathedral

Perth, Australia

Steel, gold leaf, wood



Other works employing the Parallax concept.

When approaching this sculpture from the front at the optimum viewing distance a perfect cross will be seen, defined by seven “floating” equilateral gilded gold squares supported by vertical “lines” that are actually the edges of the profile plates.  As the viewers angle of observation changes, one will begin to see the edges of the profile plates give way to the dimensional image of St. George on horseback slaying the Dragon.

The seven squares that define the cross are embedded perpendicular to the profile plates and also act as structural elements.  The thirteen profile plates which depict St. George on horseback driving a lance into the dragon, are parallel to one another along the long axis of the sculpture.  They are designed to visually interact so as to give dimension and mass to a structure that is seen only as a series of vertical lines or edges and a Cross from the initial viewing angle.