The Travelers' New Clothes

The Travelers' New Clothes


Each 36”w x 80 h. Acrylic. 2014


These paintings are based on TSA airport security Advanced Information Technology (AIT) body scans. These “full-body” scans are at the center of a heated debate over passenger safety and personal privacy.  The AIT scans are being called intrusive and a virtual strip search.

Two equal size canvases combine several techniques including stenciling and acrylic spray paint.

The paintings encourage dialogue of the AIT body scans currently being proposed for all US airports.  They also function as art that reflects the culture and times in which we live.  The male and female figures can be seen as an allegory of Adam and Eve, provoking the analogy between modesty and shame, security and invasion of privacy.

See the process of creating the work here.